At ISyN, we aim for new concepts of method training and interaction of neuroscientists at all levels of education.

We invite the community, particularly PhD students and PostDocs, to actively participate and shape the SystemsClub.

The SystemsClub focuses on the exchange and training of the scientists carrying out the respective scientific projects. In many cases, system-theoretical and data-driven methods are generic and can be applied to different questions by incorporating the relevant expert knowledge from the various areas of neuroscientific research.

Each SystemsClub event addresses a specific subject, being hosted by a specific research group. One or more talks on this topic will be given by the respective host and by speakers from other research groups. The talks should focus on the current problems and roadblocks in terms of Systems Analyses. These could be manifold, such as problem of small data, whether to implement machine learning, which programming language to use, how to extract the features of interest from noisy data, data integration in regards to different level observations. Note, you do not need to be an analysis expert to host the SystemsClub! The talk(s) will be followed by an extended open-end discussion. Often times, a lab tour and a subsequent get together will be quite useful.